Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympics - Where Sport Is About Posturing, Politics and Placating

Apparently, in the one event ON THE PLANET where sportsmanship and good fellowship are supposed to be the freaking point, we now have teams who play to lose and others who won't even BE in the same gym as another team.

I miss all the fuss, normally. The equestrian sports are all I care about, and the Chinese, Koreans, Lebanese etc., don't do squat in that area of sport. They're more likely to eat the horse than ride it. Is that racist? Well, considering what these dumbasses are doing to the Olympic Games, I don't care. Bad sports, losers, and anti-Semites are not people I give a damn about. Hurt their feelings?  Oooooh, boo hoo.


  1. The only Olympic sport I have any interest in viewing was conducted, unfortunately, in London. The temperature was in the mid 50s F, so the girls wore long-sleeve sweatshirts and/or long pants. The Americans kept the traditional bikini bottoms so I was somewhat mollified, but my Lovely Bride had to apply cold compresses to my brow when the Aussie ladies showed up in long pants and long-sleeve shirts with sports bras on the OUTSIDE. I rue this dreadful decline in the traditional and historic Olympic sport of Women's Beach Volleyball.

    1. Poor dear. Inclement weather can be a real wet blanket thrown over the pure joy of watching feminine athletic prowess. But I can tell your heart is lifted by the raw competition and the love of the sport.

      Yeah, that's it. hahahahaha!

    2. That Australian uniform thing made me LOL when I saw it on the news. Nice look, ladies!

      You ought to see some of the coverage of the beach volleyball over here. I don't know if it's any worse than NBC's coverage but good grief I have seen enough ass in the last 5 days than I saw in the 5 years I was a medical assistant for gynecologists.

    3. Beach volleyball is the "bone" thrown to men for all the ugly women in weightlifting and field hockey.

      Medical assistant for gynecologists? Rachel! I don't mean to be harsh, but that must have sucked! Considering that 99.9% of the bodies on this planet should never EVER be undressed in front of anyone! EVER! I don't think I could have done eight hour shifts for five years...OH GOOD LORD!

  2. Besides, all the really pretty girls, with NORMAL bodies -- not like gymnasts and swimmers, etc.,. are over at the equestrian park.