Monday, August 27, 2012

Somehow these two stories go together

Grizzly bear kills hiker in Alaska park

A LONE backpacker has been mauled to death by a grizzly bear in a US national park in Alaska after taking pictures of it from close range, the National Parks Service and reports say. 
The victim from San Diego, California, was photographing the animal from less than 45 metres away - contrary to guidelines advising staying away from bears - in Denali National Park on Friday when he was attacked.

And eaten.

And then we learn this.

Average bear could be pretty smart

Computer tests of solitary species reveal animals’ ability to learn concepts
American black bears that take computerized tests by pawing, nose-bumping or licking a touch screen may rival great apes when it comes to learning concepts.

Eat a hippie. Prove you're smart. It's like an IQ test for God's creatures.


  1. Backpacking alone... "But I've got my cell phone. I'll just call 911, right?"
    Too stoopid to live (proven by evidence), but still. I'm sure he meant well

    1. And so in tune with nature that he felt a deep connection with it. He got it.