Thursday, October 22, 2015

And I have been having a lot of them lately...


  1. I think I burned out a bearing in my OFFS momentator. Now I mostly just sit and think "Oh, we're doing this now. Ooookay."

    1. ARRGGH!! I am so sorry to take so long to respond! Threw this stuff up and then have been off the computer for the most part. Read your responses on my iPad, but HATE typing on that thing...Anywho, I am seriously worn out by all the insanity in both parties. Where are the grown ups? It just looks like that last days of Rome to me. And we the people are happy with our bread and circuses. We so deserve the boning we are going to get.

  2. RG, I'm with you. I've just got to the point I'll see something crazy and the only that comes up in my head is "Oh, more Bizzaro Planet shit"

    It seems like the world recently reached a tipping point and everyone suddenly went off the deep end.

  3. I think the headstone will read: "Republican Party 1856-2016, It once had principles". The biggest party will be the Dependency Party. The question will be how motivated they are to vote. The Small Government Party will have to advance a more interesting and provocative agenda to get recognized. Trump and Cruz will probably do that, just on the basis of personality alone. The Republicans and the Democrats are largely irrelevant. The new electorate: the young, poorly educated, totally indoctrinated, indolent and apathetic will probably not be a big factor, either. It will be the fanatics, the true believers that will give us the next administration. That, and the foreign born, who are unfamiliar with representative democracy but are enthralled with the novelty of voting. Sorry, I just don't have a very optimistic outlook.