Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm certain this security guard is waiting for your call, Mr. President

...and waiting...

Security guard shot at Family Research Council in downtown D.C.

A security guard at the Family Research Council was shot and wounded Wednesday morning after a scuffle with a man who expressed disagreement with the group’s conservative views in the lobby of the group’s headquarters in downtown Washington, authorities said. 
D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the shooter walked into the lobby of the building at about 10:45 and was confronted by the security guard as if the guard were asking him where he was going. 
The man then took out a gun and opened fire on the guard, Lanier said. The guard and others wrestled the man to the ground, disarmed him and waited for police, she said. The guard was then taken to the hospital and is in stable condition, the chief said. FBI officials said the guard was shot in the arm. 

Cue the media and the usual suspects politicians for immediate shock and outrage, calls for gun control, and pleas for civil discourse. 
Wait...what? Oh...the shooter was a liberal who expressed disagreement with conservative views? He was carrying a Chick-fil-A bag? 
Nothing to see here, folks. Show's over. Everybody can go home.


  1. That shooter looks like he could be Obama's son.


      THAT made me laugh out loud! For reals.