Sunday, August 12, 2012

Introducing Cutie Pie

The Daily Caller has put together a list of 10 things most people don't know about Paul Ryan. And no, 'Paul Ryan is a cutie pie' isn't one of the ten. We already know that.
1.) A PPP poll from July suggests Ryan could help Romney win Wisconsin. In a generic match-up between Romney and Obama, the poll showed Obama up six percentage points. But when Ryan was listed as Romney’s running mate, Ryan narrowed the gap for Romney by 5 percentage points, making it a 1 percentage point race in Obama’s favor.
2.) Ryan told Politico’s Mike Allen that his worst habit is that he drinks “two cups of coffee every morning.” Romney, whose Mormon religion forbids him from drinking coffee, will likely not be joining Ryan in his “vice” on the campaign trail.
3.) Ryan is best known for his conservative budget plan, “The Path to Prosperity.” The plan has passed the House of Representatives — albeit in slightly different iterations — the past two years with almost all Republicans and no Democrats voting for it. The plan drastically reforms Medicare and has been demagogued by the left — one liberal ad in 2011 even went so far as to depict a Ryan look-alike pushing an old lady off a cliff.

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  1. I doubt the media will throw a shoe if somebody calls Ryan "articulate". Then again, they might; especially members of the alphabet media outlets. (some of them are just not very smart, even though they have perfect teeth)

    1. Wait. A. Minute.

      I thought perfect teeth was an indication of smarts. Now I'm confused...

      I think Biden has already weighed in with a comment much like his one about Obama being a "clean" black man. He ain't none too bright, that guy.

    2. Ahhh, satire from a happy warrior. Although it gets scarily closer to straight news every day. Wish he'd do more of those Klavan on the Cultures, too, they were great.

    3. I adore Klavan. This is superb. Posting in