Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ZERO DAYS. We have to do better, folks.

The Republicans are a gonna slap you back in chains....y'ALL.

Today Joe Biden, in a folksy play-to-the-crowd slang that would have made Elmer Gantry proud, made the threat that Republicans want to put people back in chains.

This from our erudite and accomplished foreign policy expert, Second in Command, Saint Joseph the Traveler. 

One heartbeat away.


I feel a song coming on.....


  1. That article's great. Team Obama has had to go on defense, they're sounding a little desperate about losing control of the narrative.

    If that was a real poster I'd say whoever made the days box that wide is definitely an optimist.

  2. Joe stuck his foot in it again today. I'm guessing he likes the smell.

    What I like best is the fact they'll have a hard time getting rid of him. Even if they do, he's a scrapper, a little off center and the things he'll say will be like acid on the Obama campaign.

    They thought they were slick when they choose Joe. Nobody is that slick, when it comes to subterfuge. They'll pay dearly for their arrogance.

    1. Yesterday Hugh Hewitt said, "A's pick A's and B's pick C's" in discussing Romney's pick of Ryan for VP.

      In Obama's case, he's an F and he picked an (R)etard. Those two are like watching the Special Olympics of Politics. Is that mean? I suppose I am insulting those who struggle with disabilities. Comparing them to Obama and Crew is an insult.

  3. It deeply terrifies me to contemplate the fact that Biden is one heartbeat away from presidency.