Monday, August 6, 2012

I Am a Racist

I hate whitey.

All kinds of whites.

White is boring and visually undefined. Yawn.

Color -- rich, glorious, emotionally-charged -- has an impact that stuffy old whitey never can.

A Mark Hampton library. Doesn't this just ooze comfort?

Dark colors actually illuminate a space, highlighting beloved treasures.

Could white walls EVER make you feel as cheery as this room instantly does?

I am always amazed at the reluctance of people to use color in their homes. What's the worst that could happen? You waste a day painting...and...okay...another day repainting. But honestly! Isn't a little risk worth having surroundings that rejoice in saturated, lovely color?

And paint is cheap! So...DO IT!

H/T: Cote de Texas and (my favorite designer) Mark Hampton


  1. You'd love my house. I have COLOR. All rich golds and reds and some royal blues and deep greens. Very medieval. Every wall is done in faux painting as well, and I don't mean just a beige-y "wash" of dishwater or whatever. Let's hear it for COLOR and boldness in all things. Couldn't agree with you more.

    1. I would love your house! Sounds absolutely gorgeous. I just don't understand anyone who stays with white walls. WTH? How can you possibly live a colorful life without COLOR?

      Faux painting! Did you do it yourself? I've done some, mostly stenciling and some ragging, striping. I am currently contemplating doing my hallway in a faux de Gournay wallpaper effect. Whaddaya think? Actually I thought I would be up to my elbows in paint by now, but summer hit and there's too much to do outside. Maybe this fall, when it get cold out.

      Oh...and definitely get a megaphone. I would PAY to hear you and LeeAnn go at it. (And I've already broken my vow not to use caps or exclamation points. I'll never be droll...)

      And another oh...thanks for the years of flat out, laughing-til-my-mascara-runs posts. Will you ever write a book?

    2. Oooh, I like the stencil idea. Yep, I actually did one faux wall myself -- years later. People say they can't tell which the pro did and which was me, so, "how hard can it be?" does come into play a bit.

      The worst that can happen, with just using *paint*, as you said, is you end up painting over it with solid color again. Or, you hire someone to fix the whole mess. As long as you steer clear of wallpaper, nothing is not easily undone, yes?

      PS: Shout-out to mum.

    3. Color. Faux painting. Stencils. Who's excited? Yessss, thank youuuuuu...sing-gle la-deee. One person has responded...

      I'm going to love that video for the rest of my life. I am cheering on the inside.

    4. HA!! Excellent usage of the "thank yew sing-gull lay-dee" excited-on-the-inside thing. I'm obsessed with it too. In a bad way. An annoying way. Something to tell our chill-druns chill-druns chill-druns ...

      ... chill-druns chill-druns ... chill-drun.

    5. HAHAHA! I fell over on the sofa laughing at the number of generations we were going to be able to tell our Olympic "story" to...does she think we're fucking rabbits? (And I mean that as an adjective, not a verb.)

  2. HO-LEE CRAP! For $.99 I can spend all day trying out different colors without having to buy 15 gazillion gallons of paint and spend two days painting and then fixing the hideous color? WOWZEE!

    RG, are you some kind of technological omniscient? First the link thingee, and now this!?

    I doff my hat, sir. Yes, I do. I am cheering on the inside. I am smiling from ear to ear.

    1. Not exactly, I do pc support, networking, web sites, etc. for several small companies. I'm sort of a generalist.

      I remembered using a similar program for the outside of my house 5 or 6 years ago. That was from some paint mfr which gave you their paint palette and let you apply the colors to walls and different detail elements in a photo independently. I figured somebody must have created something similar for interiors since then.