Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trying to Make Sense of the GOP

I am throwing in the towel, kittens. The world of politics, at least from my conservative point of view, has gone completely bat shit crazy. First, we have the inexplicable love affair with Donald Trump, aka THE Donald. REALLY? REA-FUCKING-LLY?

After the megalomaniac we've enjoyed in the White House for the past seven years, are we really so eager to elect a man whose nickname is THE Donald?

 "I'm sorry? What was that again?"

Even Bill Murray showed some restraint and humility about using "THE".

I don't care HOW mad you are, electing a man whose nickname is THE anything is a terrible mistake. Complicate that with the facts that "The Donald" has been a Democrat his entire life, a crony capitalist, and an embarrassing loud mouth, and you are a complete and utter idiot to consider him as a viable conservative candidate.

Now we have our delightfully "robust" Republican-majority House acting like a bunch of snitty mean girls over Paul Ryan not being conservative ENOUGH!! Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me???????

"The Donald" is conservative enough...but Paul Ryan isn't?

Excuse me while I flip out.

I have a headache and the room is spinning.


  1. I say we go to election by combat. I think Carson could take it, he looks fairly fit and as a doctor he knows all the vulnerable spots.

    1. Brilliant idea, my good man! Cage fighting for the Commander in Chief! Feels a little like a Star Trek episode!

    2. I do not have the same reservations as you Buttercup. Whoever
      emerges the candidate, wild horses will not keep me from the
      polls. Even if Lindsay Gramnisty is the last man standing,
      I will enthusiastically vote for him.

      If we had not been fooled by a Democrat shill in 92 and 96,
      and been squabbling like spoiled kids in 08 and 12, we would have
      had a communist free White House from 1980 to present.

      I have SERIOUS reservations about Trump, but if it comes down
      to a choice between him and fugly lesbian in the Mao Jacket,
      I would have no problem voting for him.

      This may be our last chance. Just a few more people in the
      cart instead of pulling it, and we will have the one party state
      that the Democrat party has been lusting for since FDR.

      Can any of the bitter clingers tell me with a straight face
      that a second term of Bush 41, or Bob Dole, John McCain and
      Mitt Romney would not be preferable to hard-line communist
      radicals like BJ Billy or Obonzo?

    3. I hear you. And I agree. As much as it would make me cry and drink and drink and cry, I will vote for Trump if he is our candidate because ANYTHING is better that President Pantsuit.