Monday, August 27, 2012

Democrats Are Smarter Then Republicans

When Romney quipped that “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place where both of us were born and raised” the Democrats collectively "squealed like pigs", immediately giving objective evidence to their complete lack of humor, especially the self-deprecating sort that shows they don't take themselves all THAT seriously. Democrats take themselves very, very seriously. They are saving the world. That's serious business. At. All. Times.

Apparently Saving The World is such serious, serious business that one can't afford the time to spell correctly.

You spell potato, I spell potatoe.

Poor Dan Quayle. If he'd only been a Democrat, he would have been the smartest guy in the room.


  1. I think you are just reading it wrong. Slogans often eschew punctuation, small words and use code. It reads:
    Americas is better(than anywhere else), then 'came' birtherism(clearly code for Obama).

    See? It is all in the code.

    1. DANG! How did I miss that? It was right there in front of me.

  2. RG may be the master, but uh... I am a bit of code connoisseur myself, y'know.

    "You didn't build that." Totally code for "You racist son of a bitch! Everything you built was off the backs of my hard working people!"

    "Romney/Ryan plan will end medicare as we know it."
    Clearly code for "Dammit, I barely understand a modicum of the essentials now. Change it, you racist bastards, and I will be at square one again."

    Yep, I got Obama code down pretty well...

    1. You're gooooooooood.

      And there's this: "Spread the wealth around." Code for you white oppressor bastards stole your wealth from 'the people.'

      Or "How do you say that in Austrian?" Which is code for "I'm about as stupid as they come."

      Or "Corpseman" pronounced CORPSE MAN. Code for "I don't give a crap about the military."

      Or "I won" Code for 'I'm an arrogant SOB who thinks Americans elect dictators."

      There's lots of examples where we need to break the code and let people know what's really being said.

    2. Hahaha. Did someone actually say corpse man? I missed that one, brilliant. I think you might have the code wrong, though, if it was Obama. It may just mean: "Whoa, I hope the populace is as brain dead as I feel. I'll need that to get re-elected. Pass the doobage back, brother."

      Of course, if it was Biden, they all mean the same thing: "Hehehe, senility is me. I wish they had meds for this...belch."

    3. It was Obama. He said it three times, though this video only encompasses two. He never blinked, never corrected himself. He had no freaking idea he had mispronounced it. What a moron.

      OOP! That is definitely coded racism. My bad.