Friday, November 14, 2014

I should be nicer to those who have experienced tragedy.

But I won't. I rarely do what I should, anyway.

Going Old Testament On Your Ass, Professor Gruber

With AAAAALLL the recent video clips surfacing showing Professor Gruber expressing his deep regard for the American voter and undying respect for their right to self-determination contempt for their stupidity, poor Alan Colmes had to fall on his theological sword in front of millions of viewers in a feeble attempt to deflect outrage. When Megyn Kelly pressed for an explanation of just how "sorry" the professor could credibly be for having characterized the American voting public as "stupid" no fewer than three times (and that's just what was captured on tape), Alan Colmes begged, "What happened to Christian forgiveness?"


Christian forgiveness!  The exquisite impossibility of even hearing a statement that stupid come out of Colmes' mouth made me LOL for about ten minutes. The proper response for what Professor Gruber did is not found under the category of Christian Forgiveness. It is found under the category of OLD TESTAMENT SMITING! Like what Moses did to Pharaoh.

But when the "liberal twit" Colmes (he said it, not me) realized his idiotic plea didn't immediately make Megyn Kelly sink into apologetic surrender, he shifted to a defense of Gruber's deceit and arrogance that was every bit as farfetched, "But Republicans do the same thing!"

So Mr. Colmes' response to Gruber's epic, Grade A, nuclear-level arrogance, deceit, and deception was to first beg for forgiveness and then to point the finger.

I need a lightening bolt as well.
Well, here's the finger to you, Mr. Colmes. And it doesn't come with forgiveness.

Admittedly, lying for expediency and political gain is readily accepted as SOP in politics by both parties, but never before has the American public been defiantly railroaded by one political party with deceit and malicious intent and an utter disregard for the outcries from a majority of citizens against the passage of a law that will forever change the basic relationship between those citizens and the state. As I remember, Obamacare was NEVER popular, even with Professor Gruber's oh-so cleverly twisted and nuanced descriptions of mandates, taxes and such rot fucking lies. Never.

So perhaps the American public isn't quite as stupid as Professor Gruber would like to believe, which, I feel compelled to point out, sorta kinda proves just how not smart Professor Gruber must be. And now the only ones defending him are the stupid people who gobbled up his lies in the first place.

Oh, the irony! The rich, luscious, unctuous irony!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chris Matthews' New Nickname

We all know that Mr. Matthews earned his nickname of "Tingles" for his ecstatic gushing over Obama's win. But after Tuesday's drubbing of our Boy-King's policies (The Big O told us his policies were for damn sure on the ballot), I'm betting the tingle up his leg has become a tinkle down it.

Chris "Tinkles" Matthews