Friday, August 31, 2012

Make My Day

Go ahead.

I would have bet my last dollar that the kind and gentle liberal media would be lunging for Mr. Eastwood's throat this morning, but no one would take that bet. It was a sucker bet.

Clint Eastwood's empty chair at RNC creates buzz

From the article we read:
Steve Schmidt, who ran John McCain's campaign, said last night it was a mistake for Mitt Romney's campaign to put Eastwood on the stage. "It was unfortunate he was out there," Schmidt said on MSNBC. "He's an 82-year-old man. We should give him a break."
One wonders at the apparent inability of Mr. Schmidt to discern the irony of dismissing Mr. Eastwood because of his age.

The LA Times weighs in:
He then proceeded to play it close to the vest by conducting a mock interview with an invisible (not to mention uncharacteristically angry and profane) President Obama, a stunt that may go down in history as the strangest televised moment in convention history. Though Eastwood's message was simple — Obama has not done what he promised and so, as with any unsatisfactory employee, it was time to let him go — his delivery left many slack-jawed.
Uncharacteristically? Really? Have the reporters at the LA Times not been paying attention? When Obama's not looking to kick some ass, he's bringing a gun to a knife fight because he's just that cultured and self-contained.

And when Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court, Obama The Beloved and The Characteristically Polite tweeted this:

You keep using that acronym. I don't think it means
what you think it means. Or maybe it does.

And, of course, he was only scratching his cheek here because---RACIST!!

And don't even USE the word NOT even go there. That code has already been thoroughly explained by Toure.

And, in today's world of super fast instantaneous immediacy, Twitter was chirping like a crazed canary seconds after everyone "got the joke" about the empty chair. Eastwooding became the night's meme.

Even the dog got the joke.

The cat is not joking.

Of course, lefties did not manage to get the joke and are still scratching their heads, entirely unable to understand the nuance here.

Nuance this. "...we own this country."

Remember who you work for, bitch. Now get out of the goddamned chair.


  1. This one is just crying out to be included here somewhere.

    1. OMFG! That is outstanding! I'm posting that RIGHT NOW!!!!

  2. The empty chair thing was a brilliant way to say what a shallow mean-spirited man Obama is without actually coming out and saying it. Eh, it's Steve Schmidt, if he was good at organizing and training I'd call him the General McClellan of political campaigns.

    1. Yes, I saw it as playing on the "empty suit" analogy that has followed Obama during his presidency.

      Pretty good, if you ask me.

      HAHAHA! General McClellan of political campaigns. Good point.