Monday, August 27, 2012

Must have been one helluva party

17 Afghans beheaded in insurgent attack on party

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Insurgents beheaded 17 civilians in a Taliban-controlled area of southern Afghanistan, apparently because they attended a dance party that flouted the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the militants, officials said Monday.
The victims were part of a large group that had gathered late Sunday in Helmand province's Musa Qala district for a celebration involving music and dancing, said district government chief Neyamatullah Khan. He said the Taliban slaughtered them to show their disapproval of the event. 
All of the bodies were decapitated but it was not clear if they had been shot first, said provincial government spokesman Daoud Ahmadi.

Those wacky Islamists. They really know how to party. I'm guessing the victims weren't shot first. Where's the fun in that? That's like running over a dead dog.


  1. I agree with you. Ya can't run around like a chicken with its head cut off if you have been shot in the leg first.

    1. OH LORD! And I thought my comment about running over the dog was bad!

      Honestly spewed coffee at that, Tuerqas. I know that makes me an awful person because I find that so hysterically funny..but there it is.

  2. We can be awful together then.
    "Praise Allah! I win. My body ran the farthest!" (Spoken in your best arabic parity accent)

    Off topic, my 'reply' doesn't work right now. I can only start new comments. Any suggestions?

    1. Of course that was the head sitting back on the ground that said that.

      On the technical question of using reply vs new comment...not a clue. Sorry. This stuff either works or it doesn't. I don't fix it.

    2. Oo,oo... Now it works again. I blame my IT guy.