Monday, August 13, 2012

The Solution to Our Medicare Crisis

With both sides arguing over who is going to kill Grandma and Grandpa first, I don't know why this idea hasn't been floated. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Combining America's love of sport with sound fiscal policy. It's a win-win.

Actually, this would produce a decided advantage for Democrats since they still vote even when they're dead.


  1. That's right. If you expect the government to actually be able to pay for its entitlement programs, you must want to kill old people. Because, really, those are the only two alternatives.

    Hatery Haters.

    1. Bwaaahahaha! Hatery haters. My new favorite expression. I'm stealing that.

      I am so frustrated that I could just spit. How is it that wanting to save Medicare means you want to kill grandma? When did making sure those already on the program are completely safe, with NO CHANGES!, end up meaning that the Republicans are going to throw grandma off a cliff? Even Wolf Blitzer, who isn't exactly a friend to conservatives, had reached his limit with the lies from the Democrats and took Wasserman-Schultz to the woodshed for a spanking yesterday. He kept pointing out as she tried to insist that the Ryan plan would kill people, that the Ryan plan actually wouldn't affect anyone over 55. She just kept trying to stay with the "spin." To his credit, and my considerable surprise, Blitzer would not let her evade the question. She squirmed. It was great.

  2. Years ago, I forget who proposed it and the bill died in the Senate, there was that idea about launching the old people into space. For exploration, you know? They got to travel, "free," and science was served. It really was pretty win-win.