Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey, Girl....

I know it's a Paul Ryan meme. I don't care.

Any horsewoman worth her calluses and sore muscles absolutely gets this. A guy who shows an interest in her horse stands a good chance of getting lucky. No question.

Charlotte Dujardin's horse, Valegro, did some amazingly cute things today. The pair SMASHED the Olympic record, posting a score of 83.663 to take first place. I predicted that they would take the Gold.

Home town pair makes good.

But we must never forget that dressage is actually a galling example of patrician arrogance, what with Ann Romney owning an Olympic mount, Rafalca. I, for one, am grateful for the happy coincidence of the Romney's owning dressage horses and being amazingly lucky enough to have a horse make the Olympics because it serves to throw a glaring light on this useless, aristocratic waste of time and money during this important election year.

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