Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Jesus! He's going to RAM it!"

Once again South Park has been proven prophetic...sort of. Where we once had Cartman and Kenny dashing to the border in a neighbor's Go Go Bronco to evade the FBI, we now have a fully grown man racing to evade the police by driving right to his very own freaking house in a Smart CarOnly. not. very.

I never see a "Smart Car" without thinking of Dennis Miller saying, "They are invariably driven by people who look skinny, strident and absolutely oblivious that they are driving a Playskool toy on a major freeway."
And I think of this, of course:


  1. Heh, those things remind me of Smug Alert.

    I get better mileage in my evil gas guzzling Civic which includes a Gaia killing trunk and back seat. I like to think that every time I put something in the trunk a polar bear somewhere winces.

    1. Yeah, who cares if the polar bears die off? I've never seen a live dinosaur and you don't see me crying about it.

      That is one of my all time favorite episodes. When they move to San Francisco and fart into their wines glasses -- and then SMELL IT -- I am on the freaking floor laughing.

      Do liberals know how funny they are? I do think they oblivious because I know lots of libs who watch South Park and never ever EVER see themselves in the satire. Oh Lord!