Thursday, August 30, 2012



Yes, indeed. I think he just delivered this election to Romney.


  1. Can I be totally gross? The first time I read this post I thought it said "just delivered this erection to Romney". I swear to god. I can't help it, the man makes me have bad thoughts. FULL REMARD.

    Anyway in all seriousness, I agree totally. I just hope people keep paying enough attention and listening to him speak more. Ace is reporting that only 20 million people saw the speech, compared to 37 million for Palin in 2008 and 24 million for Biden in 2008. Oyyy...

    1. I read that post at Ace's yesterday, too. I think it's because everyone's already made up their mind and they didn't feel they needed to watch a boring old convention. Conventions are for the base and for anyone who is curious. No one is curious in America this time, and not because of the usual reason that they are just stupid DWTS devotees, but because they've long ago made up their minds. And my suspicion is that they've made up their minds either to vote Republican or not to vote at all. So I'm optimistic.

    2. ERECTION!!?!? Good Lord, woman! HAHAHAHAHA!