Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Difference is Night and Day

And for you guys without your dog whistles, that title is straight up CODE! for racism. No doubt about it.


Headline from the Huffington Post in 2008 when Michelle Obama gave her speech for the Democratic National Convention. (It was televised.)

Michelle Obama's Democratic Convention Speech

Compare that with today's headline regarding Ann Romney's speech for the Republican National Convention.

I don't know about you, but I get the sneaking suspicion that there is a blatant attempt to insinuate that anything the Romney campaign does is simply manipulative and devious. I could be wrong. It's just a guess.

However, one thing I do know for sure. The Obama camp has the "stupid woman vote" down solid. Packaged and delivered. Vote with your vaginas, darlings. It's all you've got.

Screenshot of headline by super smart and noted author, Brittney Bullock.
Bullock? I'm not even going to make that joke.
Blantant?  Really? Even a quick GOOGLE search would have prompted her with a "Hey, stupid, did you mean....?"

But apparently Ms. Bullock maintains the same high standards of journalistic excellence that the rest of the MSM does. She must have used Urban Dictionary for all her spelling needs.


I don't suppose Merriam-Webster holds any fascination for her.

Just for edification purposes. I know that's racist.

I give up. I really honestly do. The left is becoming a caricature of itself. It doesn't even feel sporting to laugh at them anymore.


  1. blantant: Fruitless, but not concerning a vegan diet. Bootless, but not in a free voucher sort of way, more of a supid(5 letter word you know) forgetfully conservative way. To chase slowly and in a supid manner if you are not liberal.

    It is in the liberal code handbook. The writer just forgot to write for all of us. Nothing to see here, really.

    Also, it is not the sporting issue you should concern yourself with. If you can't make fun of it, you either start believing it ala Firefly Reavers or you shoot yourself in the head to feel better. Sport has nothing to do with it, so keep it up for all of our sakes.

    1. Every day there is something. Just a couple of days ago there was the AMERICA IS BETTER THEN BIRTHERISM sign pulled behind the plane. Of course nostalgia demands that we remember Joe Biden spelling that three letter word, J O B S.

      I'm ready to just say, "Okay, all the stupid people line up over there. Now just stay there. And shut UP! We already know you're stupid."

    2. Sport has nothing to do with it, so keep it up for all of our sakes.

      To be entirely honest, I've never believed in "a sporting chance" when the stakes were high. For instance, you would never see a man stranded in the wilderness with one bullet flush the geese up high into the air before taking his shot, just to be sporting. He would shoot the SOB's right from the ground and as close as he could to avoid missing.

      That's how we should treat the left. No mercy. Take no prisoners. The stupid shall be mocked.

      And that's my job.

  2. We can't have that.(Without a two week notice to some half crazed redneck gun happy cult.)

    The good news would be that we would rid ourselves of half the politicians and 90% of public workers and teacher/professors, the bad news is there are many who believe they would all need to be replaced...Or was that going a bit too far?

    Hey at least I didn't ask for a pardon for the half crazed red neck group, but while we're on the subject...

  3. I give up. I really honestly do. The left is becoming a caricature of itself. It doesn't even feel sporting to laugh at them anymore.

    Thank you. See, it may be a dirty, unpleasant task but at least it's not a thankless one. Somebody has to do it, imagine how much more insufferable they'd be if nobody laughed at them.

    1. HAHA! You have no idea how little encouragement I require to feel important!

      You're welcome.


  4. Just how big was Obama's choom wagon anyway? Seems like an awful lot of the left were in there with him.

    1. I saw this article today. I was thinking about posting on it, but just didn't have time. That, for me, is the biggest problem. There are just too many great articles. How to get to them all?

      But, yeah, they had to do a study? Ok, if it helps you figure it out. But I've never met anyone who smoked a lot of pot that was ambitious, successful and displayed a scintillating intelligence. Nope. Nary a one. Never even heard of one.

      Of course, they aren't likely to beat their wives like drinkers, so there's that....

  5. Um … "Merriman"-Webster? Are you sure you want to insult other people's typos?…

    1. OH Good Lord. Merriam.

      Ok, smart ass. But here's the deal. I'm not writing for an online publication that is read by millions. And the typo's not in my title. AND I'm going to fix it now.

      So there.

    2. I should just delete these comments now and hide my stupidity. But I think that's funny as hell.

    3. I WOULD say that's an example of the pot calling the kettle black, but that would be SOOOOOO code.

    4. Blackbirds of a feather?
      If I just say "Killing two birds with one stone." is it just assumed they are black birds?
      If I say it in Navajo, is it still racist if nobody can decipher it?
      Since it is a black pot is it still code? I mean, if it were a white pot calling the kettle black, that is clearly code.
      Now, 'The pot calling the kettle brother' is clearly code.
      These are the things that don't keep me up at night...

      Oh yeah, since I rarely point out spelling flaws in blogs, (unless they are just downright funny) I assume you know the above was not me?

    5. Also, I do think your typo was less blantant...

    6. You know...I DID wonder...it didn't quite have your style. That's why, when I replied, I didn't write Tuerqas.

      As for your list of deciphered code, I LOL'ed at "the pot calling the kettle brother". HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      That was INSPIRED!