Sunday, May 13, 2012


There are very few things in life over which I truly lust. You know...lust...where the imagination for what one desires is so luminous that even the most pleasant current circumstance can't fill the sense of emptiness, the NEED to have what isn't there.

De Gournay wallpaper is what I lust for...desperately. Lately I've been spending my days imaging the colors...the images of birds and butterflies and flowers flitting across my the light might play upon its muted hand-painted splendor. Unrequited, I must add, as it is about a bazillion dollars a roll for such beauty.



...and completely out of reach.

So I found this fabulous website which said I could do it myself. ah-HA! At last I could have my love. All it would take, as she coyly put it, was "some painting skills...but overconfidence can work too." Right up my alley! I am nothing if  not overconfident. Especially important as I have NO painting skills.

She went on to reassure me: "I am a big believer in mindset, and if you think you can do it you can.  Really!"


No, not really.

This is the gorgeous result of just a few hours and some paint.
If you're talented.
Overconfidence will not produce this.
Trust me.

The project was then nicely laid out -- step by step -- with pictures which instructed me to free hand the trees.  FREE HAND?  I know I have been going on about lust and all, but seriously? Free hand?

There had to be another way.


Yeah, baby! All I need to do is pick fabulous paint colors and start dabbing. Free hand my ass.

Wish me luck.

If the result isn't absolutely horrifying, resulting in a divorce or something, I will post pictures of my artistic endeavor. 

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