Sunday, July 22, 2012

And you thought I wasn't going to post anything about equestrian events at the Olympics!

The games start this coming week!!!  Of course I couldn't let them start without saying SOMEthing, kittens!

In dressage Rafalca, being ridden by Jan Ebeling, is a pretty big deal, even though Ann Romney did churlishly and selfishly spend her money on a stupid horse instead of poor people or whatever the Democrats wanted her to spend her money on...and though it is admirable for all the other people who ride, train, dream, and sweat to make the Olympics, no matter how much money it takes, it is disgusting when Ann Romney does it.  But anyway, on with the show.

Everyone has seen Rafalca, what with being given the Colbert Bump, and she IS lovely, but there are some other riders who are amazing.  Charlotte Dujardin from Great Britain is actually favored to take the Gold (she's the home town girl, after all), but she would truly deserve it.  Watch this amazing ride!

And from Spain, Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz riding the fabulous stallion, Fuego XII, are an electrifying pair. The selection of music is especially appropriate.

But while I love the beauty of dressage and admire the level of commitment it takes to train a horse to Grand Prix, my heart belongs to eventing.  Here is Tiana Coudray, a wonderful, lovely, talented, amazing sweetheart of a young kid -- the youngest one on the team -- on her gorgeous guy, Ringwood Magister, nicknamed Finn.  I'll be crossing fingers, eyes, and arms and toes that she has a good go!

Hey, Tiana! You didn't ride that!  (She damn sure did! Stuff it, Barack.)

And here is the rest of the lineup for the Americans.  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Team USA!


  1. Olympics is the one time where I really hate not having any sort of cable. Regular TV will only show American winner events. I loved the equestrian in the Olympics, but I have not seen it except for one twenty minute block in the last three olympic games.

    1. I just wish I was there. We've known Tiana since she was just a squirt of a kid and have known the O'Connors for years. I'll be cheering for them from my living room.