Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Should Be A Class

Forget "concealed carry."  This has to be the most effective deterrent known to man.

Sign up now! Registration ends soon!


  1. This, also, is hilarious. Thank you for putting it up.

  2. Yes, thank you for your 'diligence'. I do enjoy a good Buttercup rant, though and I should not have to go to Rachel to read it.

    1. HA!! Noted, sir.

      Life has been hectic around here and so I've just been skating on the blog by putting up quick stuff that makes me laugh.

      But thanks! I'm really very, very complimented to think that someone enjoys reading the stuff I write. It ain't Shakespeare, as they say! I end up ranting over at Rachel's even when I have no time, because she just has a knack for putting forward topics that INVITE rants. It's the Wild Wild West over there. YEEEEHAA!