Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Someday I Will Be Old

When I Am An Old Horsewoman

I shall wear turquoise and diamonds,
And a straw hat that doesn’t suit me
And I shall spend my social security on
white wine and carrots,
And sit in the alleyway of my barn
And listen to my horses breathe.
I will sneak out in the middle of a summer night
And ride the old bay gelding,
Across the moonstruck meadow
If my old bones will allow
And when people come to call, I will smile and nod
As I walk past the gardens to the barn
and show instead the flowers growing
inside stalls fresh-lined with straw.
I will shovel and sweat and wear hay in my hair
as if it were a jewel
And I will be an embarrassment to ALL
Who will not yet have found the peace in being free
to have a horse as a best friend
A friend who waits at midnight hour
With muzzle and nicker and patient eyes
For the kind of woman I will be
When I am old.
-Author Unknown

Afterthought: Of course this doesn't apply to Ann Romney because she spends too damn much money on her horses.


  1. Not a big horse person, but I love the poem!

    1. ***Not a big horse person***

      Them's fightin' words 'round these parts! HAHAHA!

      Horses are something that are either in your blood or they just don't make any sense. They are big, powerful, and often scared out of their little pea brains. Not a wonderful combination. But they are the most amazing, soulful creatures on the planet. There is nothing -- NOTHING -- like the smell and softness of a horse's muzzle. I just couldn't live without being able to bury my face right there, in the soft curve of their lip on the side of their face. HEAVEN!