Monday, July 16, 2012

Horror and Despair

So, my question is:  Can I have my damn INCANDESCENT lightbulbs back now?

H/T: IMAO and Low Dog On The Totem Pole


  1. The best part happens in the final 5 seconds: the clapping. After this speaker stands up and kicks ass, he sits down, to the overtly enthusiastic applause of ... one person. Maybe a second person clapped, overtly enthusiastically, for two claps, before realizing they were virtually alone as a clapper in the chamber, followed by inst-ceasing their clap. Leaving the one, lonely, clapper.

    1. What are the odds both men will find themselves in the gulag? This is heresy. They used to kill people for questioning the "scientific" realities of the government...just ask Galileo who, admittedly, was not KILLED, but was tried, forced to recant and spent his entire life under house arrest. We are again in a time where political power decides what is the "truth" and woe be unto anyone who says it ain't so.