Saturday, July 14, 2012

God Is Not A White Man

Apparently, God has rhythm.  And we all know white men can't dance.

The discovery of the Higgs boson was a singular event, but it was also the product of a long effort:the Atlas project, which used CERN's Large Hadron Collider to analyze particle acceleration. The existence of the Higgs was confirmed -- or, well, the existence of a particle that "looks for all the world" to be the Higgs was confirmed -- when groups of researchers detected a "bump" corresponding to a particle weighing 126 GeV, making it consistent with Dr. Higgs' mysterious particule. 
The Higgs, in other words, was discovered due to a data anomaly. And now, that data set -- and that anomaly -- have been set to music. Or, more precisely, music has emerged from that data set and that anomaly. 


  1. Correctly tagged, "just plain awesome!"

    And it is!

    1. LOVED your post on The First Church of the Blessed Evaporator! Picked it up today on IMAO. Just posted it here. Not that it matters squat as I have maybe two readers. Total. And you seem to be one of them!

  2. Oo! Ooo, Ooo! I'm one. And uh, not to brag, but I am a Chuck Norris Hidden gusset award winner for commenting excellence...

    (Use Horschack's voice for the first part and Cliff the Postman from Cheer's voice on the second part when you read that, to get the right effect.)

    I love how singular anomalies and other anecdotal type evidence is scientific proof of...of something to physicists and hence to the religion of leftyhood, but it is is hogwash and pigslop if it pertains to any sort of deity. It makes me laugh when science sputters out and scoffs at faith and religion as scientifically baseless, yet puts full faith in the zero proof big bang theory.

    So mysticism is just 'science that is not yet understood', but it could never be the other way around. A scientific experiment that 'proved' divinity could be naught but a dirty hoax.

    1. Tuerqas, modesty prevents me from bragging about the award winners and all-round smart guys who pay me the occasional visit. It would be name-dropping! HAHA!

      And you were so deserving of that award, too. It was inspired!

      Yes, science is nothing if not arrogant. They are so certain that their facts will never lead them to wisdom, only to more facts. What good is discovering the origin of the universe if your basic and unquestioned premise is that it doesn't matter in the first place?