Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Better Than Strunk's "Elements of Style"

Considering that I'm new to this game, I'm going to be pouring over this little tutorial the rest of the day.  Stay tuned for new and IMPROVED posts!

Found at the fabulous Cripes Suzette


  1. Okay, classic misread here. I have to squint on the bubble lines because my eyes are getting old. I could have sworn the 3rd bubble read: "Make yourself look good by falsely implying an interest in homosexuality." I re-read the underlined sentence and with a snorted guffaw, ACCEPTED that that is what it said... 'cram a collander in to the cupboard'. I can see it. Then I followed the link back and saw it enlarged...oops.

    Color me embarassed. But really, if you can afford salad spinners etc., you can afford adequate cupboard space and who uses the word cram so innocuously? Who am I to blink at what the young gays use as metaphors, I never heard of Cripes Suzette!

    1. Bwwaaahahaha! And the joke just got unexpectedly funnier! And of course young happening gay men would definitely have a colander...even more likely than a housewife, who more frequently just uses the lid of the pot to drain off liquid. HAHAHA! Now I'm really laughing over this one.