Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Removable Alien"

Now we are being lectured that we should use the term "removable alien" instead of "illegal immigrant".   Actually, I like removable illegal.
A wealthy Hispanic executive who makes a fortune dealing with the Hispanic market is on the march to eradicate the term “illegal immigrant.” Charles Patrick Garcia, writing on the CNN website, lauds the U.S. Supreme Court for eschewing the use of “illegal immigrant” and instead utilizing the term “removable alien.” Garcia writes:
 The court's nonjudgmental language established a humanistic approach to our current restructuring of immigration policy.

When you label someone an "illegal alien" or "illegal immigrant" or just plain "illegal," you are effectively saying the individual, as opposed to the actions the person has taken, is unlawful. The terms imply the very existence of an unauthorized migrant in America is criminal. In this country, there is still a presumption of innocence that requires a jury to convict someone of a crime. If you don't pay your taxes, are you an illegal? What if you get a speeding ticket? A murder conviction? No. You're still not an illegal. Even alleged terrorists and child molesters aren't labeled illegals.
ISWYDT.  By comparing the use of illegal to designate a person's status as it relates to his being in this country to a person's actions once in this country, the emphasis is shifted from the origination of the crime to some ambiguous future where a crime may or may not ever be committed.  Clever.

If this ridiculous argument is swallowed, the next step will be to make it illegal to even designate people as "illegal immigrants" as it will violate their basic human rights or something.  Mark. My. Words.

So I'm going to type this really slowly, for the benefit of our liberal friends.  You are an illegal immigrant if you immigrate ILLEGALLY.  You are a murderer if you murder someone.  If you are an illegal immigrant who murders someone, then you are now BOTH things - an illegal immigrant and a murderer.  If you are a citizen who murders someone, then you are only a murderer.   Why is it that the really "smart" guys never understand the really easy stuff?

Just asking:  When did our country lose the basic right to defend its own laws like everyone else?  I missed that part.

H/T: Free Republic and Breitbart


  1. I don't like the term "illegal immigrant" either. I prefer to say "intruder" or "trespasser".

    1. Another word for trespasser around here is "deceased."