Friday, July 20, 2012

Gun Control

Just today I had a liberal ask me, "But what if everybody had a gun?"

"The world would be a much safer -- and undoubtedly more polite -- place."


  1. Gahhh! Don't these anti gun people think at all??? Or is it *all* emotion? I actually had someone tell me (here in Aust) "but guns are scary!" - and they based there whole logic on that! /facepalm..

    1. Facepalm is right! And to think, they use that same brain to figure out how to take care of people and run schools and build roads. Because you didn't build that.

  2. The answer to that liberal's idiotic question is: Switzerland, where private gun ownership is outstandingly high (required of most men). And yet Wikipedia says of Switzerland:

    "Police statistics for the year 2006[14] records 34 killings or attempted killings involving firearms, compared to 69 cases involving bladed weapons and 16 cases of unarmed assault. Cases of assault resulting in bodily harm numbered 89 (firearms) and 526 (bladed weapons)."


    "By being able to keep out of both world wars in part through the dissuasive factor of an armed populace, Switzerland demonstrates that civilian firearm possession may prevent large numbers of deaths and even genocide. The Holocaust never came to Switzerland, the Jewish population of which was armed just like their fellow citizens." (

    Shit I could spend all day on this and I'm sure you already know all of it but damn, I hate that fucking stupid kind of liberal question. Are they too good to spend 10 minutes researching this shit before wasting your time asking it? Gahhh

    Also, Morris, I really am convinced that yes, it is ALL about emotion. Childish emotion, specifically.

    1. SWITZERLAND!!! Honest to effing God I was going to bring that up over on your blog yesterday but time got away from me. And I didn't have all the statistics. Just knew that they are heavily armed and very peaceful. I watched Shirley Temple in Heidi when I was a kid. I know international shit.

      ****yes, it is ALL about emotion. Childish emotion, specifically.****

      Amen, sister.

      Liberals don't just THINK as children. They WANT TO REMAIN children. They actively, deliberately, determinedly stay childish in everything they believe. On purpose. And woe unto anyone who insists that they grow up.

      Remember "go home and kill your parents"? Or "don't trust anyone over 30"? "QUESTION AUTHORITY"? Or how about "we are the ones we've been waiting for"?

      Childish, immature, spoiled, selfish children. They all need a good spanking. Or, as Frank J. suggests on his blog, IMAO, punch a hippie in the mouth.

  3. Libs have painted themselves in to that emotioanl corner via PC, among other things. For instance, believing that a homogenous population has anything to do with any national decisions and/or outcomes is a racist belief. They would much rather not be racist(even in this neutral use of the term) than be merely factual. There are dozens of politically correct memes that bar facts from any conversation. With only slanted facts 'available' to them, I imagine it would be hard to use things like common sense, logic, etc. That leaves how you feel about an issue and the few facts that your idealogy allowed to remain.

    1. I think the ideas of post-modernism have deeply poisoned the liberal "thinker" of today. At first blush, post-modernism is very attractive as it basically posits the idea that everyone's "truth" is valid. This is nothing more than saying your opinion has as much weight as facts. NICE! I can then spout whatever nonsense I wish and if I can do so in a manner that SOUNDS intelligent, preferably with a sneer and a tilted to one eyebrow, then it is legitimate.

      "I see you a fact and RAISE you an opinion."

      A post by David Thompson references this: "And Stanley Fish, who rushed to defend Social Text after the Sokal hoax, had previously argued that theorising and deconstruction “relieves me of the obligation to be right … and demands only that I be interesting.”

      Yes, indeed. Once you have an accepted philosophy that is founded on the idea that my bullshit is an relevant as your facts, then it's GAME ON! And I don't think liberals even care about plebeian values of common sense, logic and facts. What good are those since they obviously get in the way of one's enormous and VERY smart ego?