Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don't You DARE!

If you do, we'll be mighty peeved.  We might even shake our finger at you.  And you wouldn't want that.

US Source:  Syria Moving Chemical Weapons Stockpile

By Courtney Kube, NBC News
A U.S. official confirmed Friday that the Syrian regime has been moving elements of its chemical weapons stockpile in recent days, an action that has U.S. officials both concerned and perplexed.
"We don't know why" they have begun moving chemical weapons from storage, the source said, refusing to speculate whether President Bashar Assad's regime could be preparing to use the weapons on the civilian uprising. 
Asked whether there is concern that the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists, the source said the United States still believes the chemical weapons are "secure" and under the control of the Assad regime.
I'll bet that the citizens of Syria who are being massacred daily are reassured that the chemical weapons remain "secure" in the hands of Assad and his thugs.  I know it would make me sleep better at night.
 Separately, Pentagon press secretary George Little said if the Assad regime were to use chemical weapons on civilians it would cross a "serious red line." 
"We would, of course, caution them strongly against any intention to use those weapons," Little said. 
And you just KNOW that would stop them dead in their tracks.

Oh, and Hillary is "outraged" at the recent attack on a village where government soldiers murdered more than 200 civilians.  So we're good.


My immediate thought on reading this NBC article, is how did Syria get those chemical weapons in the first place?  <BUSH LIED!!>  Because I remember a little scuffle in Iraq over weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons and <BUSH LIED!> and how poor widdle Saddam never ever had any weapons <BUSH LIED!> and never ever hid any of what he never ever had.  

So this is interesting.

Don't worry, kittens.  BUSH LIED!  We need never revisit that truth.  It is carved in stone.  It is settled science.  To the liberal mind absolutes don't exist unless they are weapons against conservatives.  Then they are not to be questioned.  Ever.  SHUT UP!


Unless it's us.  Then shut the hell up.


  1. No, there is nothing to see here. Now imagine a beautiful island...Picture it in your head. Fix it in your memory. This picture in your mind is the Government. We are the means to control your own happiness and other emotions and assorted urges. WE are the droids you are looking for. Come in from the cold. Be at peace...

    Seriously though, I do not think we should be the world police. I bet we could halve our military budget and still be the greatest power on earth, just like we could halve our Government gift tab to its indigents and still have the richest average per capita.

    1. I'm not sure we should be the world police unless we are prepared to go all badass on someone every once in a while, just to scare the others. My favorite blog post is Frank J. Fleming's at, "Nuke the Moon".

      He's right, you know.

  2. Uh, I am not convinced that being the crazy is the best policy, myself. But hey, who am I to deny your feelings, right?