Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Some People Will Do To Save A Buck

Just put the baby in your lap. How 'bout that for an idea?  I know it's a long flight and the damn kid can't sit still, but honestly, people!
SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates, July 9 (UPI) -- Authorities in the United Arab Emirates said a pair of Egyptian parents were arrested when an X-ray machine revealed their baby in their carry-on luggage.
Police said customs officers at Sharjah International Airport arrested the couple Saturday on a flight from Egypt when an X-ray machine revealed they were smuggling their 1-year-old baby in a carry-on bag, Gulf News reported Monday.



  1. A later report revealed that the parents were just looking for healthcare for their baby girl. An X-ray of their child is no longer legal under Sharian law, as it is now illegal for non-family to see what is underneath all those womens clothes.

    They offered to buy the X-ray pic for an undisclosed cash price. Further updates will be reported as available.

    1. Bless them.

      When I worked for Braniff, back in the day, an operations manager who had been in the industry for years (worked for Pan Am before Braniff) told the story of a man who disembarked from the plane at JFK, fresh off the turnip truck in Romania or somewhere, and, not being able to speak or understand a lick of English, got confused and separated from the passengers walking across the tarmac from the plane to the terminal. Reaching the building, he saw a chute and thought, "Hey! That must be the way in!" It wasn't. It was to the baggage conveyor belt that ran under the airport. The next time anyone saw him, he emerged from the baggage chute amid all the luggage to ride the carousel in the baggage claim area. He not only got an extra E ticket ride, but he ended up with two broken arms - for free.

    2. Sad, and yet, HA HA HA.
      Please, please, where turnips? I want to go back to turnips!