Friday, July 13, 2012

But where is the Honey Badger?


  1. Ha! Radical Larry is my favorite!

    1. By the time I hit Radical Larry I was laughing so hard I was choking. Even after I'd read it several time, I couldn't read it aloud to my husband because I was laughing so hard. Some things just push me over the edge.

      As for your comment at your blog ***This is one of those threads that makes me wonder why I am so lucky with my blogging. I read a lot of other blogs that have far, far superior bloggers running them. But their commenters are kind of dicks, and boring, and rarely funny. Of course I’m biased but really I can’t believe the quality of this group.***

      This is because, IMHO, you are KIND. You nurture your commenters. You encourage and support. Rarely does that happen. So there's no LUCK about it. You gather in nice people. Except for me, but there's always the outlier. Just my two cents.

      4th of July was a perfect example. Thanks for the link and the kind words.

  2. I would have gone with:
    Genetic experiment 1
    Genetic experiment 2
    Genetic experiment 3
    Evil mastermind Alien
    Genetic experiment 4
    Genetic experiment 5

    In addition to what you said about Rachel, I would add that many people like their thoughts to be recognized rather than ridiculed. Rachel and her commentors do that. Even you as a Rachel commentor, Buttercup, are respectful on her blog.

    1. Aw, shucks.

      I just know that I read blogs for YEARS and probably left three comments because on those few occasions when I did, there was never any acknowledgement and I always felt like I wasn't really invited to the party. So finally I started blogging because my husband was getting worried about me as I ranted to the computer screen all the things I wouldn't write. HAHA! But the FIRST time I commented on Rachel's, she jumped in and gave me a cyber greeting. And she makes it a point to do that with all her commenters. I think that is rare. And you're right, people do like to be acknowledged. That is why I think Rachel has such a loyal following of people who are smart and funny and get along so well. It isn't luck. She's created that atmosphere.

    2. And I'm with you on the genetic experiment idea. Only reasonable answer.