Saturday, July 7, 2012

Think of Schroedinger's Cat, except with a lobotomy.

The hilarious Iowahawk helps us non-scientists understand the complexity of the universe.
The landmark experiment in Quantum Rhetoric began early this week after legal particle cosmologist John Roberts published a paper in the Quarterly Journal of Tortured Logic that solved the long-debated Pelosi's Paradox in Universal Health Care Theory.
 "Pelosi's Paradox states that in order to find out what is in a health care bill, it would have to be passed," explained physicist Steven Hawking. "But in order to be a law it would have to be constitutional, which means someone would have to know what was in it, which would mean it couldn't have been a bill in the first place. Think of Schroedinger's Cat, except with a lobotomy."
 Put your thinking caps on, kittens.  He uses highly technical terms like "crap particles", "bullshit", and "beltosphere."  I know...I was hard for me, too.

H/T:  Just One Minute


  1. Iowahawk - he's just plain brilliant..

    "We were careful to shroud the collision within the Beltosphere, which is protected with a thick sheath of inert, pliable media," he noted. "As additional protection, we surrounded it with a negatively-charged gaseous squirrel field."


    1. The whole thing is inspired! Pelosi's Paradox...the Taxon. I was laughing my head off!

  2. It was the "inert, pliable media" that cracked me up - perfect description of the MSM..