Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

Critics say higher standards could create teacher shortages

Nobody's getting in.
First, it was the tough, new Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test for students. Now it will be tougher tests for teachers.

Florida wants teachers to get higher grades on certification exams for some subjects, like chemistry and health. [Emphasis  mine because WTF?]
But WFTV's Racquel Asa learned that the move could hurt districts because certain subjects, particularly involving science, are already hard to recruit for. 
Andrew Spar represents the 4,400 teachers in Volusia County. He said the new standards don't guarantee the best teachers.
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Because tougher tests for teachers, you know, setting standards that will measure whether the teachers have the knowledge to TEACH THE COURSE, will of course result in fewer teachers.  I mean, for pity's sake, kittens, the teachers have come up through the exact same shitty school system these students are in now.  How can you possibly expect them to be able to teach what they didn't learn either?  So how can the school system possibly be expected to fill the positions for teachers if they are held to a standard?

This is hard stuff.  And tests are unfair.

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