Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Silent Treatment

And if just ONE of you asks, "How is that different than any other day?"...why....I'll......


  1. Ohhhh the temptation... Hehehe.

    But I can only commiserate, as most days mine's barely on speaking terms with me.

  2. Well, you could try looking for a TED talk or two on something that appeals to you. Give it something different to do and maybe it'll suddenly want to tell you all about it. You might guess that I like this one.

    1. That was AMAZING! I love TED videos. I will have to ponder that awhile. Maybe there's a long post in it for me. I led much the same life as she describes -- introverted as a child, realized the prizes were for extroverts and became the Homecoming Princess/cheerleader/Student Body Officer type. But when I would tell my friends that I wanted to be a librarian when I "grew up", everyone would laugh at me. I mean really laugh. Like I was stupid AND crazy. So I didn't. I went off and went to work for Braniff Airlines. Management jobs followed and I have always been in the "public eye". And I have hated every single job I've ever had. My animals and my home and my reading have always been my greatest loves.

      Hmmmm....there's a lot a need to wrestle with here.

      Thanks, RG.

  3. My brain only talks to me sporadically. Unfortunately I've needed it for work lately and it's been AWOL.

    Damn, I need to win a lottery.....

  4. New Thomas Sowell - Uncommon Knowledge video if you're up for something more economic/political.