Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Matt Lauer Can Suck It

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ brings us the good news from NBC. If Matt Lauer can't yank his ratings out of free fall, he may just lose his big fat contract.

Didn't NBC already fritter away a lot of money on America's sweetheart, Katie Couric? I do think so. They aren't very good at picking'em, are they?

Jeffrey Immelt, you have a call on line one.


  1. Poor baby. Bless his heart.

    Given how much these pretty faces are overpaid, I'd hope he has a decent investment advisor. I know with his sort of salary, by this point I'd be able to retire comfortably even if I never worked another day in my life. Given that he's spent the last four years helping carry water for Ø I have even less sympathy.

    And OT, but if you want to see really bad election shenanigans http://brookfield.patch.com/articles/roraback-calls-on-stations-to-pull-false-dccc-ad. I saw the ad a few minutes ago, and it's just a solid lie from beginning to end. I hope this means that the (D)s are getting really worried about holding this state.

    1. I find it interesting that the Obama campaign screams "LIAR!" at the Romney campaign over comments like how fast Ryan ran a marathon, or the date the steel plant closed, but shrugs its "collective" shoulders over flat out made up over the top lies. AND you can throw in egregious insinuations like the "Romney Killed My Wife" ads.

      You'd have to be either nuts or greedy to vote Democrat. Unfortunately we have plenty of both in this country.