Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SHOCKER! Obama Believes In Redistribution

I am the first to confess astonishment at the "notion" that our president, Champion of free markets and free people, Defender of the Constitution, Unicorn Prince, Golfer, and Friend to the little lazy voters, would EVER say "...I actually believe in redistribution..."

Say it isn't so!

Oh...wait a minute. This was in 1998. Never mind.

With Obama, nothing in his past is worth being concerned about. Nothing. Not his father's dreams, or his mother's misbehavior. Not his bestest big friend, Frank Marshall Davis or his neighborhood pal, Bill Ayers. Not his association with the methods of Alinsky or his affiliation with the New Party in Chicago.

Nothing. In fact, I think you are a RACIST! Shut UP! RACIST! 


  1. Shut UP! RACIST!

    Nyahhh! Won't, and you can't make me. :Þ

    There, did I reach the Dem quality of rhetoric or should I try to get lower?

    1. Oh you could get lower...but don't try. Please.


  2. Separated at birth? I guess that would make Michelle the skipper wouldn't it?

    1. Perfect! Michelle sure isn't Maryann or Ginger!

      The comparison they make is fabulous, too. The little guy with big ears that screws things up every time it looks like they'll be rescue. HAHAHA!