Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mommy must be so proud.

In Australia, mom captures the moment for the grandparents and relatives, no doubt.

Look! Mom is taking a picture of the little prince. For posterity. 

This is child abuse. Does anyone on the left get that?  Anyone?

And these adorable little tykes grow up to become the men scaling the walls of our embassies and butchering our ambassadors and diplomatic personnel. And we wring our hands and wonder what we did.  We didn't do shit, kittens. Their own mothers made them insane.


In London, a reporter tried to have an intelligent conversation with a protester. It didn't work out.
RACHAEL BROWN: Do you also object to the killings of the ambassador and three other people in Libya? 
SAIFUL ISLAM: See, the thing with these killings and what is happening, obviously this was going to be expected. Obviously when you do something like this it’s going to ignite and it’s going to cause violence. 
RACHAEL BROWN: So you’re not surprised there were deaths? 
SAIFUL ISLAM: I’m not surprised at all, I’m expecting obviously more carnage and more violence, and it’s going to escalate.
Translation? Nothing I do is my responsibility or my fault. Everything is provoked by you and I have absolutely no control whatsoever over my own behavior. So YOU must control yours or bad things will happen.

And it will be all your fault. Always. 

I give up. I am crawling into my Drinking Closet now. Rachel Lucas came up with the idea and I believe it is high time I put it to good use. 

H/T: JWF and Rachel Lucas


  1. First, I love the gif. We've got three cats and the oldest half-blind girl likes boxes, even ones obviously too small for her, even if you could compact her into a perfect cube.

    Second, not only is it child abuse, but it means that it will be essentially impossible to ever change that child's view of the world.

    I've told my girls that while there are some good people who are Muslim, as far as I can tell they are good people in spite of, rather than because of, their religion.

    How do you come to a living arrangement with someone who wants you dead? You can survive the crazy college roommate who believes some pretty strange stuff if you can agree to not talk about it, and ignore each other. But these people don't believe in ignoring you, they find your very existence is an offense. Someone described the Constitution as NOT being a suicide pact, and we need to start being intolerant of those who disagree with it. is an interesting take on it as well as this:

    I did find a quote someplace once about the immorality of reacting with tolerance to hate, but my Google-Fu is failing me tonight.

    1. How about a little Thomas Sowell?
      Tolerance for Evil Means Condemnation of the Good
      Tolerance has been one of the virtues of western civilization. But virtues can be carried to extremes that turn them into vices. Toleration of intolerance is a particularly dangerous vice to which western nations are succumbing, both within their own countries and internationally. Double standards are being wrapped in the mantle of morality.

  2. Bet she'd be just a little surprised if we were offended by their attacks and escalated the violence ourselves. Escalate, hell, high-speed rocket powered elevator.

  3. That cat reminds me of a friend from school. I'd call him a nerd, except he was more than cool. Brilliant is a better description, since he trained his cat to climb into a shoe box when he made a sound like an air raid siren.

    I'm guessing you're too young to remember such things, but when I was growing up, every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, the air raid siren would test. We had that, duck and cover drills in school and watched films on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

    Whoddathunk the biggest threat now is crazy religious fanatical bastards that don't care if they live or blow to pieces. I say help them along with their task. Since they're so easy to convince, just give them some C4, detonators and tell them Allah wants them in little pieces.

    1. I'm with you, Jess. If we are passing around the hat, I'm in for some bucks. You know, so help buy the C4.

      No, we didn't have air raid drills when I was a kid. We had hippies and Carter.

  4. HAHAHAHA! I love the gif. Kitteh has his own little Kitteh Drinking Closet! If I could crawl into a small box like that and huddle in the dark these days, I would. With a bottle of hard liquor.

    I'm working on a new post and gotta quote you on that "we didn't do shit, kittens" part. You nailed it right to the wall with Thor's hammer, my friend.

    1. Make mine a drinking bunker, because I think TSHTF soon now.

    2. You know, I would almost rather be in Italy now than America. Although I am in a very good part of America. But I think when it all goes in the toilet, old countries like Italy will hold together better. They have a more cohesive history. We don't. When it blows, there will be fighting in the streets. I would not want to be living in a major city right now.

  5. Replies
    1. Which ties very nicely to our earlier discussion of shame vs. guilt cultures. With guilt you accept that you did something wrong and you try to fix you. With shame the problem is that others know (or think) you did something wrong so you have to convince them otherwise.

      And the entirety of Islam seems to be built on shame which can only be eradicated when everyone who thinks differently and holds different values is removed from existence.

      I need to start some stock piling. I can argue it with family as hurricane/winter storm prep. We did OK last year, only losing power for 36 hours with Irene and not at all with the October snow storm. My parents lost power for 8 days with Irene, though not October. Other parts of CT lost power for over a week both times. I've probably got tomorrow and Wednesday off. If the car repair doesn't look too bad (check engine light is on, but no power loss or funny sounds) I think we'll be getting nice 12 guage pump action.

    2. Yes. I do believe that the balance between shame and guilt are fundamental to much of what we are seeing in the Middle East and HERE at home.

      Is it any wonder that the left manipulates these two emotions so deliberately?

    3. If you're not in a solidly red area I'd suggest you keep the fact that you're stockpiling very quiet. If things get bad enough to really need it (for survival, not just a hedge against inflation) I'd expect anti-hoarding laws and a visit from the local sheriff.

    4. Good point. Our sheriffs 'round these parts are Obama-hating good old boys. But you never know....

  6. All those links to articles are fabulous, you guys. Thanks!

    What I think we're saying is that any virtue, taken to an extreme, loses its purpose and even becomes a vice. I think we are seeing this happen because to exercise virtue rationally and with insight requires WISDOM and we are no longer a wise people. We have been taught to distrust wisdom as ignorance or antiquated prejudice. Like marriage between a man and a women. What has been true for thousands of years as the very basis of society has now been re-shaped into intolerance and hatefulness. So the wisdom that guides us in choosing right from wrong and good from evil is re-fashioned into ignorance or prejudice. The left fights against the acquired wisdom of man because when it can cut us off from the lessons of our fathers, it can fill our heads with the dumbest shit ever and we have no ability to respond. Why do you think one of the first cries of the left in the sixties was: DON'T TRUST ANYONE OVER THIRTY! And then there was the always charming: GO HOME AND KILL YOUR PARENTS! These were the first shots across the bow. The beginning of the abandonment of our shared cultural values and norms and history. And it's just gotten worse. Now we attack our own Bill of Rights and think ourselves very tolerant and clever.

    We're so humped I don't even know where to begin. I'll be in my box.

  7. No-o-o-o kitteh, that is my box. No-o-o-o! Bad kitteh. Ba-a-ad Kitteh!!! MOOOOOOM!

    I'm in on the C4 too. 5 billion people in the world sounds like a good round number.

  8. Buttercup, forget the drinking closet, head on down to the shooting range and practice, practice, practice. You need not just the shooting practice, but also the mental practice to toughen yourself to where you can ignore your childhood teaching that "thou shalt not kill" (a gross mis-translation, btw. It should read "shalt not murder". It's an entirely different word and meaning.)
    And, when a self-righteous, hypocritical lefty asks what you woudl feel, killing someone who has already stated they want to kill you, all you have to reply is, "a bit of recoil."


    1. I grew up in No. Idaho and have shot since I was a little kid.

      It'll be no problem. Trust me.