Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Don't Those In Congress Have A Mandatory Retirement Age?

Because without one, we get this:

Even though she was Speaker of the House, and God knows she's been in office long enough...she doesn't seem to understand how the Constitution is amended. Bless her heart. She will no doubt have to read it to find out what's in it.

And, of couse, we must never EVER forget this:

So this is NOT a joking matter, kittens. Well,'s funny as hell, but it still isn't a joke. These ancient, shaky idjits are running things.

Lord help us all.


  1. I guess Nancy's routine still impresses some people. Can't imagine why, it's the same boilerplate they've been saying for decades.

    We need some sort of general knowledge and mental competency test. A lot of them wouldn't last until retirement, the sooner gone the better.

    1. In San Francisco she will be elected until she is a mummified carcass.

      But I was STUNNED at how shaky and senile she seemed, like she was really struggling to remember the word and say them.


  2. I've dealt with a few ass clowns with power during my life, however, they were individuals and didn't have a voting block that kept them in power.

    That's what amazes me. How can so many people be so stupid, or greedy, and continue to vote for the likes of Nancy Pelosi? A less polite society would do something drastic to fix this problem and it would probably involve deporting most of the people living in huge sections of real estate.

    1. People will always be as stupid and greedy as the system allows. And the systems allows more than is wise, that's for sure. Nancy plays to that and will be re-elected until -- or perhaps even after -- her death. She IS a Democrat, remember.