Monday, September 17, 2012

Bring back the stocks

A little shame in a society is a healthy thing. It serves not only to punish and correct the behavior of the person who has transgressed society's norms, but -- perhaps more importantly -- it serves to reaffirm society's agreement with those norms.

No one likes to be shamed. That's why it works, kittens.

Actually, we still experience shame in society, for it will always be a powerful motivator of human behavior. But now, ironically, shame is meted out by the left for transgressions against political correctness and wrong thinking. CODE! 

And if that doesn't work, there's always jail time.

"Innocence of Muslims" filmmaker being taken in for questioning.
So shame never goes away, but it's important to realize who metes it out and for what crimes.

Andrew Klavan, in his usually witty style, illustrates the absurdity of where shame is leading us now that the left is in charge of it.

But please go and read his accompanying article to this video. It. Is. Bloody. Brilliant. 


H/T: Andrew Klavan and RG, Top Notch Commenter


  1. I just posted this video to my Facebook account. It will be interesting to see what if any response I get to it.

    I just keep hoping that if I link enough stuff, without making nasty "judgemental" comments, some of the less insane of the lefties of my acquaitance will eventually have some of it percolate through.

    1. We can't give up. You never know when the smallest crack will let in the light.

  2. Klavan should be played 24/7 in every high school in this country...oh well, nice dream, huh?

    1. Klavan, Whittle, Sowell and even throw in a little Freidman. All of them can make you THINK! They challenge the assumptions.

      Yeah...nice dream. We're talking schools....right?