Saturday, September 15, 2012

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Gotta love a guy who can stay focused on what's important. GIVE. ME. MONEY.

Oh, and......PAR-TEEEEEE!

H/T: Weasel Zippers


  1. During the election season, every politician, and their minions panhandle like a troop of kids begging for money to go to cheerleader camp.

    It's downright embarrassing. At least bums offer to clean your windshield with their dirty shirt sleeve.

    "If we didn't do this, only the rich could afford politics and you wouldn't be represented."

    I disagree. I see more politicians get rich off politics, with their sweetheart deals and strongarming.

    Politics are rotten. We need to tar and feather a few dozen of them a year to keep them in line.

    1. Politics are and will always be as rotten as the level of power they hold. We have given them too much power; power to regulate, power to redistribute, power to tax and punish and favor.

      Is it any wonder that they use it? Is it any wonder that they spend millions and millions trying to get it? Is it any wonder that once grasped, they won't let go and that it makes them all rich besides?

      Every time a politician promised us they could "fix" a problem, the "fix" needed more power and more money. And we gave it to them. Sucks, but there it is. We did this.

      I don't know if we have the balls to undo it.

  2. Jess, I think we need to totally do away with elections for the House of Representatives. In stead, civics and classical macro-economics should be required in the senior year of high school. Then, before one is granted full citizenship, they should be required to pass the same citizenship tests that legal resident aliens have to pass to gain citizenship. Once a person has full citizenship, and are registered to vote, their name is put on a list in their congressional district, and names are selected at random. That way we'll have a mixture of farmers, machinists, doctors, engineers, carpenters, etc., and not nearly as many lawyers in congress. They will be allowed only one term. Their pay will be the median income of the country. Neither they, nor any of their immediate family will be allowed to work for a lobbying firm for 20 years after their term is over. They will get no pension for their single term of office.
    There may have to be more restrictions placed upon them, but I think that is sufficient for now.


    1. Excellent ideas, but we're so in love with the idea of "democracy" that you could never convince enough people to do this. If you COULD, it would also be great to add more representatives to the roll,as we haven't been adding them according to population like we should have. They need to each represent a similar number of people. Right now, some districts are very populated and others are not.