Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tonight....WE ARE DUMB!

Actually, that's optimistic. As Ron White says, "Stupid is forever."

This young girl did a parody video using Justin Bieber's song, Boyfriend, a while ago. She's very good. Here she is using Fun's song, We Are Young.

H/T: Harvey at IMAO.


  1. Thinking isn't fun? That's just weird. I wonder if it's a byproduct of the self-esteem movement. Trying to avoid discovering that they're not as marvelous as they were told. That there's a whole universe of things they don't know and much that they (and everyone else too) simply don't have the capacity to know. So they pretend those things aren't worth knowing to begin with.

    See, this is what you get when you make me all philosophical with your prior post.

    1. But I think you nailed it, RG. Thinking requires not just focus and discipline, it requires a subordination of your ego. To think logically, one must be prepared to consider the objective reality of what IS, not what you WISH. That requires that spoiled, selfish children put aside their demands and deal with life on life's terms.

      Not fun.