Friday, September 14, 2012

Elvis has left the building

But Obama is we're good.

Campaigning in Las Vegas after a "tough day".
President Obama went through with a campaign appearance in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening and, after laboring to quiet an exuberant crowd, began his speech with a somber tribute to the four Americans killed Tuesday in Libya. 
Obama, visibly weary and seeming to struggle to display the usual energy and sharpness of his campaign appearances, opened with a description of the “tough day that we’ve had today.” With a crowd of more than 8,000 at a Las Vegas convention center still screaming and cheering, Obama, wearing no jacket and his sleeves rolled up, held up his hands and paid tribute to the dead, who he said “were working to advance the interests and the values that we hold dear as Americans.”
In the meantime, give me MONEY! I've had a "tough day."

My guess is that Ambassador Stevens and those three men had a worse day, Mr. President.

President Obama had a tough day because Ambassador Stevens went and got himself
murdered by Islamic thugs. Could we please think of Obama, people? It is always about you?

Is anyone else as offended by the callousness and audacity of someone who can go to sleep while our embassies are under attack and our ambassador is missing, rise to learn that Ambassador Stevens has been brutally assassinated, along with 3 other embassy personnel, and that the security of our embassies has been breached, then skip the security meeting to instead fly to Vegas to panhandle money for his re-election?

I'm sorry, but has anyone explained to His Highness that the presidency is actually a JOB with responsibilities?

I don't think he realizes that.

Of course, this whole thing is probably Romney's fault.


  1. Is anyone else as offended by the callousness and audacity

    Absolutely. I don't believe for a second that he gives a damn about the attacks or the people killed. For him it was only a tough day because it was making him look bad.

    It looks like his meltdown is close. If he doesn't get a vacation soon ... BOOM!

    Of course, this whole thing is probably Romney's fault.

    Well, he's a Mormon you know, they've got that magical underwear. There's no telling what kind of dark powers they give him.

  2. I was offended when he was elected; mostly because I knew he was a fake and the media had intentionally failed to investigate his qualifications.

    Now, I'm angry. Angry because he's unwilling to be a man and admit he's wrong; angry because he's destroying the U.S. economy; angry because he's too much of a wimp to tell his wife to stop wasting tax dollars flying around Hell's half acre; angry because he didn't go to all intelligence briefings and angry because a U.S. citizen died because he allowed the likes of Hillary Clinton to become involved with our foreign policy.

    A less polite society would already have removed Obama, and his minions, from office.

  3. Are we polite? Or are we cowards?

    I'm not so sure anymore.