Friday, September 7, 2012

My Insightful and Well-Considered Assessment of the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention is over and all the "we belong to the government" but "the other guys are Nazis" craziness has packed up and left town. Now it's on the road, kittens. The next 60 days are going to be fun-Fun-FUN!

I found myself struggling the entire week to regain my footing as one idiot after another took the stage. Despite all my efforts I just couldn't rise above the insanity for any length of time. The stupid and the crazy just kept coming fast and furious.

This is the way the entire week felt to me.

You just couldn't win for losing.

Or this. 


  1. My favorite part of the DNC convention was day 4, with a keynote by the Bureau of Labor Statistics entitled "August Nonfarm Payroll Report".

    Shorter DNC: fuck the rich, fuck Israel, fuck me, fuck jobs.

    Fuck that.

    1. In a word. HAHAHAHAHA!

      That's about all I said all week. It seemed every time I turned on the TV, some new idiot was standing there saying something so goddamned stupid that you had no reply except just, "Fuck."

      And, "Are you kidding me?"

      Half the country, Jeff. Half the country. Where's my bottle of Scotch?

    2. "Where's my bottle of Scotch?"

      In my house, next time you're down from the mountains.

    3. Excellent. I'll remember that.