Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Only 3 and 1/2 Minutes in the History of EVER When Joe Biden Makes Sense

WARNING: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) but funny as hell.

"...and don't forget, I'm a philosophy weirdo."

"Why are you people clapping?"


  1. Okay. So, am I supposed to believe somebody changed the words, or the media is doing a really good job of covering for Biden?

  2. If that was transcribed and handed to him as his speech for an event would he notice? Would anybody in the audience?

  3. Replies
    1. That's bloody brilliant. I instantly thought someone should do a movie (well, a short) where you see an empty chair throughout history. It could be a takeoff on Forrest Gump only with Obama moving through life. He's only BEEN an empty chair everywhere he's gone.

    2. That's the problem with internet memes. They tend to flash and then fade away quickly before all the possibilities have been explored. Then it's hard to get a fresh spark unless you're really creative, like this one. Not a fan of the show, but that was a really clever take on an old idea.

  4. Jess and RG...HAHAHA! HOWLING! I certainly don't think anyone would CARE, if they did notice.

    What I see in Democratic faces when they listened to speeches by Biden or Warren or Fluke or Obama or anyone is just a needy, kind of desperate desire to connect with the power that individual represents to them. They don't give a damn what he or she is saying. Just MORE MORE MORE! GIMME!