Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democrats Never Get Irony

And then, just to take the absurd into the insane--with a rocket ship--Monica Lewinsky's rabbi delivered the benediction after Clinton spoke. Well, that sucks, doesn't it?

You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.


  1. How? How do Dems get the Jewish vote? In what way are they favored by Dems and/or harmed by Reps? I don't get it.

    How does a Rabbi even go up on that stage after the 3 time downing of the vote to update the Dem platform? My closing 'benediction' would have been something like: "May God rise up and smite all unbelievers, Amen."

    1. HAHAHA! I'm with you. I think there needs to be a good deal of smiting.

      I have a few Jewish friends, but they are serious conservatives like me, so they don't really understand the Jewish vote either. But they explain it as a confluence of WWII and FDR saving them, as well as the (erroneous) belief that Nazism was right wing so the right is scary. Roll it all up and it is a generational thing that is almost gospel for many Jews. We are Democrats because we are the good guys. The End. Stupid, but there it is.

    2. The reason Nazism is perceived as extreme rightwing is that Jo Stalin told that to his people in order to arouse them in opposition to Hitler. The fact is, that the people of Georgia, Ukraine, Belorus, etc., welcomed the Germans as liberators. Adolf foolishly squandered that advantage when he ordered his troops to treat them savagely.
      In any case, Stalin proclaimed Nazism to be right wing, our press, which was largely made up of leftists already, repeated the lie, and still do repeat the lie to this day. The only problem Hitler had with Marxism is that Marx was a Jew. That's pretty much it.
      Unfortunately, the young, especially leftist young, believe history began with MTV. Nothing happened before that. They can't identify who the Allies were, or who the Axis Powers were. Most of them don't know who Mussolini was, have never heard of Josef Stalin or Joseph Goebbels. They remind me of a line from the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer, "I got a D on the test because I didn't know the capital of El Salvador. Like I'm ever going to Europe anyway!"

    3. Really? The reason is steeped in WWII history? They can't look and see that it is the pro military party that has supported them the last 50 years? That it is liberals who have been steadily taking all references of the holocaust out of the history texts, are against Jews as stereotypical profiteers and rich people, who left them out of their platform and was voted against being added 3 times? Really? I did not know that.

    4. Yup. Really. Makes no sense, but I've found politics often makes no sense. People get a belief in their heads and it becomes something that they simply can't or won't question. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are wrong.