Saturday, October 6, 2012


For the love of all that is holy, we must stop the funding of Sesame Street now! As we move ever more perilously to the precipice of Western European style socialism, it is imperative that we understand the dangers inherent in the system!

See what is possible with children's programming when you leave it to the state? This is from France, for crying out loud. The French!!

Oh, the HORRORS!

Kill Big Bird now. While there is still time.


  1. Oh the horror, even if it made me laugh.

  2. The dark underbelly of the puppeteering world. Parents, don't let your children be drawn into this violent, sordid world. End the funding now before another generation is lost.

  3. The translation I found for the lyrics is wonderful, something about the decimator of little bunnies.

  4. My only objection is that the 'gator didn't dismember either squirrels (I HATE those fuzzy-tailed rats) or cats (even though they taste just like chicken).
    I can understand why he didn't chomp any frog leftists, because even though 'gators have a stomach that can handle almost anything, a smelly french hippy might cause him great gastrointestinal discomfort ... and you don't want a grouchy 'gator pukin' and poopin' partially digested hippy all over the place.

  5. Unfortunately, Sesame Street is not publicly funded. They make millions annually. Love puppets are here to stay, I'm afraid.

  6. Yes, I realize that Sesasme Street is a massive success story and makes millions in merchandising and licensing. That's what makes the whole dust-up over Big Bird even more hilarious. That our own most excellently smart president is making this the sword he falls on, even putting up a hit ad on it, when it is a complete non-issue, is beyond stupid. It's absurd. But hehehe, it's all he's got.

    To my mind, NOTHING in the way of entertainment or the arts, and ESPECIALLY NEWS should be publicly funded. If the market doesn't support it (read PEOPLE!) then it should not be around.

    End. Of. Story.

    Kill Big Bird. Kill Barney. Kill the Tele-tubbies -FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!