Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Were there any highlights for you?" "Oh, there were so many I can't even tell you."

You couldn't tell us if you tried, Champ. Oh...go ahead. Try.

The smartest guy they interviewed didn't know who was even running for president. I honestly had no idea how deep the gold mine of stupidity would go when I started this blog.

We're doomed, kittens. Doomed, I tell you.


  1. Can we designate a state for Short Bus Americans and have them all move there? Going to have to be a big one, until nature takes its course anyway.

    1. Alaska. They won't drill for all the oil there, so when nature takes its inevitable course, all that lovely oil will still be there. With it as harsh and cold as it is in Alaska, and with them not wanting to burn fossil fuels, it won't take long.

      tee hee