Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Favorite View In The Whole World

Sitting on top of a horse. Ann Romney and I both hate poor people. We own horses, doncha know.


  1. Good looking critter. Alfalfa's north of $16 a bale down here, though.

    1. He's my biggest baby. And yes, hay is sky high. So are all the concentrated feeds. A bag of Omolene used to cost around $14.00. Now it's over $22.00 a bag.


      The saddest thing is that many people are abandoning their horses and they are starving. We have a ranch here where a guy dropped over over 2 dozen Thoroughbreds for "resale" and disappeared. The owner of the ranch is trying to get legal ownership so that he can sell or give them away. He is currently buried under the cost of feeding them enough to keep them from starving.

      It's just so sad.

    2. That is really sad. When I married my wife she had 3 horses and we have gotten two more over our 8 years. I started buying feed at $7.10 for a 50lb bag. I bought them last week at $14.80/bag. Funny, my income has not doubled in 8 years. I have to admit, we got really lucky with hay this year. We always buy first cut and it was actually perfect in the spring. Our hay guy was sure he would get 3 crops and we got a good deal. The WI drought started pretty much from the day we put our year worth of hay in the barn. Because our grass gave out, we needed to buy 30 extra bales nad they were almost triple the per bale cost of our June hay. Whoa...

    3. You're lucky. Next year, it won't be cheap either.

      If this guy gets legal control over the animals, we are going to try to disperse them to good homes.