Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Halloween Costume Suggestion

For all you guys....


  1. "Pass out and shit yourself." Because all bananas have that dark brown stem...

  2. The last time I wore a halloween costume, I splurged and bought a top notch skull mask. It was really gruesome, especially when the lighting was low. I put on all black clothing, with black gloves.

    The wife, and I, stopped at my mother's to visit before going to a party. While there, a group of children, with mom in the background, rang the doorbell, so I just had to try out my costume.

    The intial reaction was the children stepped back a few steps, and just stared. The brave one asked" "Who are you?"

    I answered with a low rough voice: "I'm your worst nightmare."

    Immediately, I wished I hadn't answered the door. The kids, and the moms didn't know whether to shit or go blind. I sheepishly gave them some candy and stopped answering the door.

    1. 'I'm you worst nightmare, but I have candy...'
      No. Apology. Necessary.