Friday, October 5, 2012


There is no amount of evidence nor number or quality of facts that will change the idea in the liberal mind that voter ID is deliberately and intentionally racist. Why? Because voter ID removes the element of corruption from the voting process, an element that serves Democrats both ways.

If the Democrat loses, he/she can claim voter fraud on the part of the Republican "machine", and not only will people believe it because it has been raised as an issue so often, but it gives them the excuse to demand as many recounts as it takes to find the necessary votes to overturn the election. If the Democrat wins, well, then he wins. Fair and square. The system works and all the Republicans' conspiracy theories about voter fraud are baseless. Game over.

If there is one thing all Democrats embrace, it is corruption. How much corruption they can "tolerate" from their own side is seen as a measure of how open-minded and inclusive they are. Corruption from the right, though, just proves how hypocritical and dangerous conservatives are. Makes perfect sense.

Bill Whittle narrates this video about the problem. The upshot? There's trouble in River City, kittens.

My take always has been that if this election gets to a point where it seriously looks like Obama might lose, the efforts to implement MASSIVE voter fraud will be unprecedented. They all know that if they cheat enough to get caught, but not enough to win, then they are in jail. If they cheat at all, they will need to cheat enough to win so that it doesn't matter whether anyone knows it or proves it.

As a nation we aren't going to pull down the entire system because of a rigged election. And if we don't win the Congress, there could be no real movement to bring anyone to justice, anyway.

So they have to cheat and cheat BIG. 

I think it's going to get really interesting really fast. Hang onto your hats, kittens.


This is exactly what I was hinting at. Obama and the Democrats MUST win this election - at all costs. If they do, the game is over. If they don't, they start over. The Tea Party will be energized and the tide may have swung away from them. So they will cheat. Cheat HARD and cheat BIG. And that is not the title of a porn film.

Obama, Dems Almost Answerable to No One

Obama already doesn’t answer to the mainstream press — and they’re fine with that which is why they never ask him directly challenging questions, or even simple ones like, “can we see your college transcripts?” 
I mean, that’s an easy one. And the follow up is easy, too: “why not?” 
Another easy-peasy: “define ‘transparency’”. 
So, forget the press. Obama does not answer to them and never will, because the press doesn’t even want that. They’ve worked very hard building their narrative and they don’t want it mussed with. 
Obama barely answers to congress. His own wife admits that he’s “done a phenomenal job” making end-runs around legislation (96 Executive Orders and counting) and his administration co-operates as little with congressional inquiries (or with congress, itself) aspossible, while the press either plays it down or simply ignores it, for them.
Like I said, things are going to get really, really interesting.


  1. I have a sister I no longer speak to in Seattle who loves to complain about how the evil Republicans are the only ones who have ever committed vote fraud. Acorn? What's the problem if people register multiple times as long as they only vote once? Point out that in most states it is illegal, and she just can't see why. Ask about the Washington election for governor where more votes were cast in King County than registered voters, including boxes of ballots miraculously "found" in the trunk of an election official's car which had somehow been "forgotten" until after the original count? The fact that the (D) gubernatorial candidate won by fewer votes than the excess votes in King County? Why am I concerned, everything is completely above board in WA state! Because in her world, no (D) would ever do something that wasn't right, even if it was technically illegal.

    As far as I can tell, lefties think that because they are obviously the "good guys", everything they do or which benefits them must be right and holy, while the (R)s and conservatives are equally obviously the "bad guys" so everything they do, or which benefits them must be evil and punished.

    Which is why Congress is gridlocked. You cannot work with someone who thinks everything you suggest is a priori EVIL(TM) and whose definition of compromise is that you do whatever they want, just slower than they would do it if you weren't around.

    I've been following a five week lecture series on on electronic voting which has included a lot of information on vote fraud concerns. I highly recommend watching the videos if you can.

    1. People who think like that have given up their humanity and chosen to be part of a herd of cattle. The herd is security for a cow. But a herd can be made to stampede, which is a useful characteristic to a certain type of mind. It's a dangerous game to play because eventually they'll lose control and the wrangler is lucky if he doesn't wind up bleeding among the wreckage.

    2. Wow Library Gryffon. I said something virtually identical last week and a friend of mine copied it on to her FB page as a separate post. The only difference is that I added that many Republicans do the same thing. All lib ideas are the devil and Reps are the Godly ones. I also added that I believe MSM outlets favoring one party are responsible. Very little MSM reporting is ever aimed what their side will do. For a decade now, all reporting is aimed at getting people to fear the consequences of electing the other guy. Cores from both parties have said that Obama or Romney being elected will be the end of the US. I love the Romney ad that discusses his idea of compassion to the unemployed, but it is virtually unique in its positive approach. (At least, in targeting an actual issue.)