Friday, October 19, 2012

"He didn't care. He just brushed it off his shoulders...That's leadership right there."

If you can make it through this entire video without wanting to smash your computer to smithereens, I do not understand you. Of course, for those of you who actually did smash your computer to smithereens, I don't understand you either. HAHA! A little self-control, kittens, even -- especially --  in the face of stupidity of this caliber.

What I am struck by throughout this video is the sweet, smiling, open and eager faces of these young people. They seem genuinely caring. But youthful eagerness coupled with the extraordinary ignorance shown in this video is a potent concoction and is more than troubling - it is damning and conclusive evidence that our universities and our media are so lop-sided in their teaching and portrayal of our political landscape that these kids are frankly being brainwashed.

There is no other explanation.

I'll bet every one of them knows Ann Romney owns an expensive horse.


  1. Ohio University, amazing how we've been conned into spending so many billions on education to produce people who are completely unprepared to be citizens in any sort of democratic system.

    Another place where shame would come in handy. Those people should all be ashamed of themselves for being so ignorant and every teacher and professor involved in their "education" should be ashamed for failing so miserably.

  2. You have to know you are stupid to feel ashamed and these poor children are smilingly ignorant and completely unconcerned by it all. They already know they are "right" in voting for Obama. Who needs to know esoteric words like Benghazi? WTF?

    Even the oldsters didn't have a clue.

    I blame the fact that most of our universities are now state run. This is what the state does to everything. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And also - FAIL.

    How many times to we have to learn this lesson?

    1. Yes, they're happy and giggly for the most part. Somebody with a microphone and camera is asking them a question, you'd think they'd realize it might be regarding something they should know about. They're ignorant, they know it and they don't care. (Except for the older guy and Mr. Brushed it Off.) Ignorance is almost a badge of honor, I don't understand that attitude at all.

    2. You have to be able to use the "I don't know but so what?" excuse ALOT to be a liberal. I can't tell you the number of times I've been in a conversation with a liberal spouting nonsense and when you politely disagree, with facts, they get this superior look on their faces and say, "Well, I don't know all the facts, BUT..." and the but leads into I care more or I just feel or there's got to be to it than that...or I'm not really that political...or it just seems like we should...

      All crap.

      Republicans are the ones who started asking questions. And actually wanted answers.

    3. It is not even I don't know but so what? It is: The only facts that matter are the ones I have learned.

      That is when you know you've switched political allegiance. You started asking questions.

  3. It's the horror of reality. Their vacuus stares only infuriate me more.

  4. Gahhh! I knew viewing that video wasn't going to do my blood pressure any good!

    Beyond stupid.

  5. Sorry. I should post warnings for some of these videos.

    What never fails to amaze me is that the average liberal can look at that and never once question whether he is as smart and informed as he believes.