Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HAHAHAA! Missed Me!

Not YOU, kittens! The shark! The SHARK missed me!  

AND the tsunami.

And the tornado we drove through to get to where the shark and the tsunami awaited us.

View of the storm from our car as we drove to the airport.
AND Hurricane Sandy missed my 16 year old daughter who was supposed to be in Washington DC on Monday.

I can't tell whether it's the End Of The World, or just the end of MY world! HAHAHA! And, honestly, the distinction seems a fine point, from my perspective. I'm sure it matters to the rest of you, though.

HOL-EE CRAP! If Romney wasn't leading in the polls right now, I really would be going through cupboards collecting old bottles of half-finished pharmaceuticals and stocking up on Scotch.

I tease. Sort of.

Here's the scariest thing: I have definitely used up all my luck. In one trip. And I expected to have a long life still ahead of me. Looks like that may be a pipe dream at this point.

Another thing. And this IS important. Since I've used up all my luck, I don't think I can single-handedly deliver Romney with my double-hex Yoda voodoo dance, like I intended. So you all will have to step up.


Okay..okay...okay...if you can't do the double-hex Yoda voodoo dance, it looks like God's got it covered. There's the White Horse Prophecy. And you know what they call white horses with bayonets...


Maybe my luck is changing!

I'm back up on top of the world!

I feel a "President Romney" coming on....!


  1. I'm glad you're back. It's been pretty boring in the Peanut Gallery, since we ran out of scotch and went through the complete "Romper Room" video collection.

  2. ...and I hope you didn't forget the Cheetos.

    1. Flaming Hot.

      I screw up alot, but NEVER on the Cheetos. If I wasn't a patriot before, THAT settled things.

      Someone says they're gonna take away my Flaming Hot Cheetos? Them's fighting words, mister.

  3. Welcome back. We did OK, here near ground zero in CT. The only casualty on our street was the neighbor's willow tree, the one I and the folks across the street have been concerned about for years (though apparently not the owner of the tree). See my blog for details, I've posted a lot of my husband's photos. I was in Vermont at a conference, and the call from home at 5pm on Monday started, "You know that tree you've been worried about?" "Um, yeah?" "You won't have to worry about it any more".

    You can imagine the rest.

    And in addition to a probably totalled car, we just were told that the furnace is so old that it will probably not last the winter. And we're probably looking at north of $5K, since not only do we need a furnace, it needs to be plumbed in properly (the previous one having been done by some low IQ monkeys with a different furnace's instruction manual). And it's a steam furnace, and there aren't many of those available these days anyways.

    At least the house is fine. So far. I think we are all using up our luck.

    1. I replied over at your blog, but wanted to say again how glad I am to hear that you didn't lose anything that was irreplaceable.

      I had a HUGE tree come down across my horse's paddock and tackroom shed during a storm in the bay area. Trapped Promise in the corner for the entire night. Actually she was trapped there for the next day because there was no getting her out without destroying the rest of the fencing. We did, eventually, but it took the next day, what with all the wind and rain.

      But the worst horses/storm story is a long one. Maybe someday I'll have the energy to type it up! HAHAHA!